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  • New York State Fair issues request for proposals to help book year-round events at the fairgrounds
    The New York State Fair has recently put out a Request For Proposals (RFP) to find a private marketing firm to help bring events to their new Expo Center and other fairgrounds facilities throughout the year. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the RFP on December 6th, 2017. The goal for the marketing agency is to book and position the new Expo Center as a premier, year-round, national venue. The Fairgrounds Expo Center will be the largest Expo Center between Boston and Cleveland. 
    Troy Waffner, Acting Director of the New York State Fair, says that they are looking for a person or agency dedicated solely to going out and selling the fairgrounds. "The fairgrounds has now been expanded by 63 acres and we want to work with a firm and our own staff to market this space," says Waffner.        

    The brand new Expo Center is on the fast track to be built; the building should be ready by August 3rd, 2018. Waffner is able to watch the progress as he reports to work on the fairgrounds each day; he says it looks like the construction crew will be ready to pour concrete very soon. 

    One part of the job described in the RFP is to sell the Expo Center but, whoever gets the business will also be asked to generate and analyze reports regarding the facility, including rental pricing. Waffner says that the firm they hire will be focusing on the other 50 weeks of the year when the New York State fair is not running. However, the Expo Center will be used during the 2018 fair, August 22nd-September 3rd. Waffner says they have plenty of options for using the building during fair time. 

    The RFP requires the firm to book a minimum of 20 events in the Expo Center by the end of 2019; at least three of the events will need to use the Expo Center in conjunction with other fairgrounds facilities. The firm can earn bonuses for booking events that have never been held in Central New York. The RFP requires the contractor to retain 75 percent of the events it books from 2020-2023 (the end of the contract) while still booking new events in the Expo Center and other fairgrounds facilities. The Fair provides the staff to manage the event including parking, security, and janitorial staff. 

    The Expo Center has 110,000 square feet of flexible event space and 4,000 retractable seats. Waffner is looking for a private contractor who can help turn the facility into a destination for national shows and events. The Expo Center should attract major agricultural shows and special events including: car shows, trade shows, and equestrian events. Syracuse alone is home to more than 30 horse shows; "previously, many of these shows were constrained by the size of our coliseum. Now, they have the ability to expand with our Expo Center," says Dave Bullard, State Fair Marketing and Public Relations Manager. 

    Attracting national, multi-day shows to the new Expo Center will have a tremendous, positive economic impact on Central New York, according to Waffner. "The growth from the Governor's initial investments in the Fair and Fairgrounds has been substantial and we know that this new facility will provide economic growth for Central New York. We stand ready to work shoulder to shoulder with a partner who can help us realize the full potential of this exciting new facility," says Waffner. The Expo Center encompasses 50 acres of climate controlled space; opportunities for the facility are endless. 

    Governor Cuomo's investment in the Fairgrounds and the new Expo Center add to the "Central NY Rising" campaign which is the plan to boost economic growth and community development in the Central New York Region. "The transformation of the Fairgrounds has already delivered economic benefits to Central New York, attracting new visitors and showcasing the many recreation and business opportunities the region and the state have to offer," Governor Cuomo said. "After back-to-back years of record-breaking attendance and with the completion of the new Expo Center as an additional draw, we will ensure the Fairground becomes and remains a year-round destination and economic engine for all of Central New York," says Governor Cuomo. 

    Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney said, "The newly revitalized New York State Fairgrounds presents tremendous opportunity for economic growth in the Central NY region. With the addition of a new partner to book major events year-round, we will build on our accomplishments and set the stage for future success."

    State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball said, "We're excited to partner with an organization that can help the State Fair attract top, high-quality special events, including those that further our mission at the Fair to grow the agricultural industry. Thanks to Governor Cuomo's vision, we're pleased to be moving ahead with plans that will build on the tremendous success we've seen at the Fair already and help us take the Fairgrounds to the next level." 

    RFP submissions for the private booking company are due January 31, 2018. More information can be found here:

  • H2B Visa - Process Change and Update from JKJ Workforce
    JKJ Workforce issued the following update regarding H2B visa processing for the second half cap of FY2018.

    1) The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that the cap for the first half of fiscal 2018 was reached on December 15. According to USCIS, the agency would  reject any H-2B petitions with an employment start date prior to April 1, 2018 that were received after December 15.
     2) DOL has announced that on January 1, 2018, the earliest date on which an employer seeking an employment start date of April 1 may file an H-2B application requesting temporary labor certification, OFLC received approximately 4,500 applications covering more than 81,600 worker positions.
    3) DOL has announced that they will not release any labor certificates for the second half of the cap until February 20, 2018 and will release them on a first in - first out basis - by day and hour.  So if your application was submitted at 1:00 am January 1, 2018 and you have completed your recruitment in a timely manner, your labor certificate should be issued before one that was submitted at 2:00 am on January 1, 2018, etcetera.  (The exact announcement from DOL is at the end of this post).
    What does this mean?  If there is cap relief prior to February 20, 2018 all employers can demonstrate to both DOL and DHS that they have a valid need for temporary, seasonal, workers should obtain their workers.
    If there is no cap relief prior to February 20, 2018 then only about 30% of the employer who filed and are able to demonstrate to DOL and DHS that they have a valid need for temporary, seasonal workers will obtain their workers - and those who filed first will be certified first.
    Congress must pass a spending bill or CR by January 19, 2018 - this Friday - or the government shuts down.  In my opinion there is very little chance that cap relief will be included in whatever vehicle passes on January 19, 2018.
    The information that is available indicates that Congress will pass a CR that expires on February 16, 2018.  So, we must do everything possible between January 20, 2018 to February 20, 2018 to convince Congress to provide cap relief in the Appropriations Package that passes on February 16, 2018.
    FIRST: H-2B employers who want cap relief so we can have access to more visas this year, should contact their Representative in the US House and their two US Senators, starting on Monday January 22, 2018 and request that they support adding cap relief to any appropriations bill that Congress considers in the next sixty days.
    Employers can reach their Representative in the House through the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. Once connected, ask to speak to the staff person that handles H-2B visa issues.  You can also ask for that staff person's email address and send a follow up email. (email will generally be
    Employers can find the local contact information for  Senators and Representatives on their websites or through and
    SECOND: I am a founding director of the Seasonal Employment Alliance and we are working on a Fly-In to Washington, DC on February 13 and February 14, 2018.  When details are confirmed I will let you all know - so we can make a final push for Cap Relief.
    United, working together, with a single message, we will get Cap Relief for 2018 and we will get a workable H-2B program moving forward.  
    The language from today's DOL Announcement is below.

    - James Judkins, JKJ Workforce

    January 17, 2018. H-2B Processing Announcement
    The Department of Labor's (DOL) Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) is making this announcement to alert employers and other interested stakeholders about a process change to better assure fairness regarding the issuance of H-2B temporary labor certifications due to the unprecedented volume of applications received on January 1, 2018.

    H-2B Visas: Statutory Background and OFLC Process
    The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets the annual number of aliens who may be issued H-2B visas or otherwise provided H-2B nonimmigrant status by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to perform temporary non-agricultural work at 66,000. Up to 33,000 H-2B visas may be issued in the first half of a fiscal year (October 1 to March 31), and the remaining semi-annual allocation of 33,000 visas will be available for employers seeking to hire H-2B workers during the second half of the fiscal year (April 1 to September 30). This announcement concerns the processing of the H-2B temporary labor certification applications for the April 1 - September 30, 2018 period of need.

    OFLC process for obtaining an H-2B certification is a two-step process for employers. Employers must first file a complete and accurate Application for Temporary Employment Certification (ETA Form 9142B). Following review and acceptance from OFLC, the employer must then conduct recruitment of U.S. workers and file a recruitment report. The Department reviews those reports and issues final labor certification decisions to employers who comply with all regulatory requirements as they are returned to OFLC by employers. Employers granted temporary labor certification are then eligible to file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) at the DHS.

    Process Change for Granting Temporary Labor Certification
    Because of the intense competition for H-2B visas in recent years, the semi-annual visa allocation, and the regulatory requirement that employers apply with OFLC for a temporary labor certification 75 to 90 days before the start date of work, employers who wish to obtain visas for their workers under the semi-annual allotment for periods of need beginning from April 1 - September 30, 2018, must promptly apply for a temporary labor certification and then file a petition with USCIS before the cap is reached. As a result, OFLC typically experiences a significant "spike" in labor certification applications at the beginning of January for temporary or seasonal jobs during the U.S.'s early spring and summer weather months.

    Thus, on January 1, 2017 (FY 2017), OFLC received 1,538 applications covering approximately 26,673 worker positions for a work start date of April 1, 2017; approximately 80% of the entire semi-annual visa allocation of 33,000. By contrast, on January 1, 2018, OFLC received approximately 4,498 applications covering 81,008 worker positions requesting an April 1, 2018, start date of work. This unprecedented level of employer requests for H-2B workers on January 1, 2018 is approximately three times greater than the number of applications received on January 1, 2017, and more than two and one-half times greater than the 33,000 semi-annual visa allotment for FY 2018 permitted under the INA. In previous years, OFLC processed applications as expeditiously as possible in a manner irrespective of the time of day the application was filed, only focusing on processing applications by the day they were filed. Although OFLC is working as expeditiously as possible to issue first actions, review responses to Notices of Deficiency, and issue Notices of Acceptance, the overwhelming workload this year has strained OFLC's processing system and resulted in delays for the majority of all applications filed on January 1. OFLC expects the first 2,400 applications filed on January 1 (which represent approximately 40,000 worker positions) will be processed for first actions by next week, with the remainder of all filed applications processed for first actions in the weeks that follow.

    Employers receiving Notices of Acceptance can proceed to meet the additional regulatory requirements, including recruitment of U.S. workers and submission of recruitment reports. Employers receiving Notices of Deficiency that are corrected, and who then receive a Notice of Acceptance, can also proceed to meet the additional regulatory requirements. In order to promote fairness for employers in accessing the H-2B program and due to the unprecedented volume of applications on January 1, OFLC is making a change to its process regarding the issuance of final labor certification decisions. This process change will better reflect the sequential order in which employers filed applications. Thus, OFLC will not begin releasing certified H-2B applications (Form ETA-9142B Application for Temporary Employment Certification) until February 20, 2018. On that day, OFLC will release certified H-2B applications that have met all regulatory requirements as of that day in sequential order based on the original calendar day and time the application was filed (i.e., receipt time). Thereafter, OFLC will continue to release certified H-2B applications in a sequential manner until all applications are released. OFLC will continue to issue rejections, withdrawals, and denials of labor certification applications in accordance with standard procedures. This process change will allow employers who filed promptly on January 1, 2018, sufficient time to meet regulatory requirements, including the recruitment and hiring of qualified and available U.S. workers, thus preserving the sequential order of filing that took place on January 1, 2018, to the extent possible.

    As required, OFLC will grant temporary labor certification only after the employer's H-2B application has met all the requirements for approving labor certification under 20 CFR 655.50 and the subpart. In accordance with regulatory requirements, OFLC will send all certified H-2B applications to the employer, or the employer's authorized attorney or agent, by means normally assuring next day delivery.

  • Robbie & Tarah Hauser take the reins on West Coast Amusements second unit
    West Coast Amusements is going through a major transition. Like most carnivals, the Canadian show is family owned, and as generations pass, the younger set typically steps up to run the business.  

    In this case, Robbie Hauser and his wife, Tarah, represent the next generation. In 2017, they acquired a unit from within the West Coast empire, which extends to multiple family members operating carnivals in western Canada. Robbie, a third generation showman, son of Bob and Wendy Hauser, and the grandson of Bingo and Jackie Hauser, the show's founder, already owned First Class Concessions, a food and game company. Now, he's taking on rides. One year after making the move, Robbie and Tarah are going through the process of upgrading the overall operation with a focus on improving the quality of midway attractions.

    It started with the purchase of a new Frenzy, which is one of US ride manufacturer ARM's line of pendulum swing rides. It's the second one off the assembly line, according to Tarah Hauser, who married Robbie nine years ago and is now entrenched in the family business.  Delivery of the Frenzy is expected in April after Eric Bates books it at the I-X Indoor Amusement Park in Cleveland. The Frenzy essentially replaces the unit's Skymaster, another ARM piece that needed extensive repairs. The decision was made to invest in a new ride over renovating the old one, which is almost 20 years old, Tarah said.

    "We're due for a new attraction, and very excited to bring this excitement to our fairs," she said.

    "Robbie has been working close with Mike Gill to create a spectacular light package for the new Frenzy which will consist lighting units from E-Works Pro and CMD Enterprises."

    Separately, the show's winter quarters went through a complete refurbishment of the Zipper with new lights and a new paint scheme last winter, as well as the YoYo and kiddie dragon ride. The office trailer, a 1996 Otterbacher unit, has been renovated and new trucks have been purchased from Freightliner.   A overhaul of the shows Berry-Go-Round was completed including replacing the original wood flooring with aluminum.  

    The show is working on lighting upgrades to their Eli 16 Ferris Wheel using Chameleon LED pucks from Galaxy.  Additionally, Robbie is working with Chad Griffith from CMD Enterprises on a new RGB lighting system for our ARM Super Shot.

    New bunkhouses are next on the list as the Hausers prepare to hire additional employees to help run the rides they now own. Similar to most U.S.-based carnivals, West Coast Amusements relies heavily on international labor to work the midway. In Canada, the show has used Jamaicans over the past four years to work concessions, and they have proven to be responsible, dependable and hard workers, Hauser said. Starting this year, the company will expand its foreign work force to include Ecuadorian nationals to work the rides.

    Like in the US,  labor issues affect Canadian carnivals tied to getting those international employees in time for the season, which this year starts in mid-March in Vancouver, Hauser said. 

    "It's definitely a struggle," she said. "There's never a guarantee. We typically submit our applications in August for the following year, but this year with the extra help we need, we submitted them in July and got approved about two weeks ago. It's always quite a concern for us come late fall. Our foreign workers enjoy seeing the country and we take good care of them. We couldn't do it without them."

    As part of its operation, West Coast Amusements' labor program recently went through a compliance audit conducted by the federal government. Under Canada law, carnivals are required to provide medical insurance for all employees. In addition, West Coast pays for the internationals' flights, which can run $1,200 for a one-way ticket on short notice, Hauser said.

    "We passed the audit," she said. "The carnival industry is behind on things like technology."

    A key employee on the show is Steve Holt.  Steve owns a mini-donut concession, which was previously owned by Robbie and Tarah.  Steve manages the food on the show and is involved with the day to day operations of the show and helps with booking.  "We are thankful for a great management team," Tarah said.

    Last year, West Coast Amusements added three new still dates in Alberta run by Sustainival, an Edmonton company that bills itself as presenting the "world's first green carnival." The firm's co-owners are Joey Hundert and Antoine Palmer, two entrepreneurs who promote special events tied to sustainable energy. The three locations were in Fort MacMurray, Edmonton and Lethbridge, where West Coast provided the amusement attractions. Sustainival uses biofuels, solar energy and wind power to run its events, plus electricity. At one of the spots, the Ferris wheel, for example, was powered by recycled canola oil, Hauser said.

    Over the course of the season, the carnival travels across British Columbia and Alberta to play events. The Hausers finish the season in early September at the Alberni District Fall Fair on Vancouver island, an event the late Bingo Hauser first played more than 50 years ago, Tarah said.

    The Hausers' two children, Kelly, 10, and Kessler, 8, are in the early stages of working the show during the summer months. Kelly is already preparing to buy a shaved ice stand after saving $5,000 by working the duck pond and selling ride tickets, her mother said.

    "Kelly is definitely a Hauser," Tarah said. "She's very much involved with the show. She will probably buy a new candy floss stand in the next five years. She doesn't take breaks and is outgrossing 25-year-olds. She's very business savvy ... and it wasn't something we pushed on her."

    Jackie Hauser, meanwhile, Bingo's wife, is retired, and enjoying every minute of it.  "She just purchased a new sports car.  We love having her come out and visit.  We definitely miss her out there, and our fairs do too", Tarah said.

    "As 'Grandma' has retired, the thinking now is we need to get more progressive," she said. "We're going to get into electronic ticketing and upgrading our online operations, to track hours worked, our inventory and ticket sales, to get a better idea of what's working out there. In the past, we tracked hourly wages by hand. We're bringing it all to the table,"  she said.

  • OABA looks to the future
    OABA At The North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention

    At the North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention January 4th-6th, 2018, Bob Johnson, President of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), addressed the convention attendees in order to update them about OABA business. Johnson talked about the hot-button issue on everyone's mind: H-2B legislation. He also had the opportunity to discuss new ventures the OABA will take on in 2018 and other exciting news regarding the organization. 

    Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina was the other keynote speaker at the North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention. He spoke on Friday, January 5th and was able to give convention attendees some hope regarding H-2B legislation. "Senator Tillis is a crusader for our industry regarding H2B labor as is Roy Blunt of Missouri," says Johnson. 

    The OABA is currently planning an event to take place in Florida this February which will feature Senator Tillis speaking to stakeholders in the industry about H-2B legislation. Details are still being hashed out according to Johnson but they are thinking the talk will take place February 9th sometime in the morning.

    General H2B/OABA Update 
    Johnson stressed that the OABA's focus regarding H-2B labor and legislation is to get away from band-aid fixes to the problem and look ahead at legislation to make real change in the industry. "A lot of people have this idea in their heads that H-2B takes away American jobs when in fact H-2B labor saves American jobs; every H-2B worker saves 4.5 American jobs most of which include benefits and competitive pay," says Johnson. H-2B labor fills a seasonal niche in the U.S. he added.

    The 53rd annual meeting for the OABA is coming up in February. This is the first year that the Hall Of Fame inductee slate is completely female. "Patty Sullivan and Jane Baxter are being inducted. They have served 10 years on the board and are long time association and industry contributors," says Johnson. Additionally, Linda Brewer is receiving the Industry Pioneer Award. She has served as a teacher for several carnivals including NAME and Deggeller Attractions. 

    The board of the OABA is made up of nine members: Jay Strates of Strates Shows is the incoming Chairman and currently serves as 1st Vice Chairman, EJ Dean of Dean & Flynn Fiesta Shows is the outgoing Chairman, Larry Yaffe, formerly of Firestone Financial Corp. serves as the 2nd Vice Chairman. At the annual meeting, the 3rd Vice Chairman of the organization will be chosen. Mitchell Kaliff of Kaliff Insurance is the Treasurer, Tom Gaylin  of Rosedale Attractions & Shows is the Trustee 2016, Bob Johnson is President of OABA, Michael Wood of Wood Entertainment Co. is Trustee 2015, and Chris Lopez of Ray Cammack Shows is Trustee 2014.

    In addition to board members there is a group of Directors and Directors at Large who help make up the leadership of the organization. The OABA has a small but dedicated staff; Bob Johnson has been President for 23 years, Al Derusha is the Senior Vice President, Dee Dee Alford is the Vice President, Tom Powell is the OABA News Ambassador, and Kristin Shenk is the Manager of Programs and Services. 

    The committees included in the OABA structure are: Executive Board, Admin Review, By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures, Committee, Convention/Industry Planning, Education & Safety, Excellence, Finance, Fundraising: Ways &Means/Jamborees & Contribution Fund, Grievance, HOF & Historical, Membership, Nominating, OABA PAC, Past Chairs, Performance Review, and Strategic Planning.

    What's Next For The OABA 
    The OABA is also working on rolling out new virtual, online training programs for carnival employee training. OABA teamed up with a company called Learning Zen to create the online program. The training platform is called "VOLT" and covers topics such as Ride Safety with sub-training in maintenance, inspection, and operations. Other education categories include worker safety, guest services, and food and games concessions. Once the training modules are completed, employees receive a certification. Johnson believes that the online training program will make it easier for carnival owners to ensure their workers have gone through necessary training and the certification that comes from the program will be an easy and efficient way to show state regulators that all employees have completed the modules necessary for their position. 

    OABA Chairman EJ Dean has spearheaded the VOLT project along with the Education Committee. It is available for use now but they are still doing some testing and hoping to have all the modules both in English and Spanish. According to Johnson, the VOLT program is used for training zoo workers and employees at indoor amusement areas. Anyone interested in utilizing the VOLT program should contact Marc Janas. 

    The OABA will also focus on expanding and maintaining their Circle of Excellence Program. The goal of the Circle of Excellence Program is to improve the business climate for OABA members and raise public perceptions of the mobile amusement industry. Carnivals, independent ride owners, or concessionaires can earn the Circle of Excellence distinction. Any company interested in attaining the Circle of Excellence designation must go through the quality assessment audit created and copywritten by the OABA. In order to maintain the Circle of Excellence designation, companies must go through future audits as well. 

    Membership into the OABA is always open. There are multiple membership levels depending on your role in the industry. From associate member to carnival of 40+ rides to circus producer to manufacturer, there is a membership level for everyone and dues prices vary. OABA memberships can be purchased through their website, 

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I.I.S.F. Gibtown Extravaganza - Gibsonton, FL
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The Industry Buzz
Firestone Financial adds new team member & programs ahead of Gibtown 2018
Firestone Financial is excited to announce that Rich Gockelman will be joining the team as a Commercial Account Executive for the carnival and amusement park industries. Rich has several years of relationship lending experience and will be joining industry veterans Pete Aldrich, Donna Joyce and John Vangel at the 50th IISF Gibtown Trade Show and Extravaganza and the NICA Business Expo & Food Fare in February.

Carnival and park customers can take advantage of Firestone's industry exclusive program, which allows customers to pay for only half the season on new loans. Any customer that funds a new loan by Memorial Day of 2018 can choose to either cut their seasonal payments in half or hold off on making their first payment until midway through the 2018 season.

In additional to this program, Firestone Financial also offers guidance lines of credit to qualified customers. A Firestone credit line may be used for new and used rides, light packages, bunkhouses, winter quarters, insurance and maintenance. Borrowers must apply for the credit line. Establishment of the line does not carry any cost or obligation to the customer; standard loan terms and conditions will apply only when the line is used.

You can visit Firestone Financial at the IISF Trade Show in Gibtown, February 6-9 at booth 1128-1130 or visit

  Posted by Carol Francis on 1/19/2018
Keenan Family Sells Ye Old Mill Ride to Minnesota State Fair

The oldest attraction at the Minnesota State Fair, the Ye Old Mill, has been sold to the Minnesota State Fair.  John Keenan Sr. and his family have owned and operated the attraction for over 102 years, spanning over five generations.  The Minnesota State Fair will now operate the attraction.  

"Ye Old Mill is a living connection to the State Fair's storied past," said General Manager Jerry Hammer. "We're grateful to the Keenan family for creating and maintaining this gem, and we will carry on their century-long tradition of making memories for millions of Minnesotans."

"It has been an incredible experience sharing this tradition at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. We are so pleased the State Fair will continue this tradition for future generations," said John Keenan Sr.

  Posted by Matt Cook on 1/15/2018
Richard George, Sr. Passes
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Richard George, Sr., of George's Fun Foods of Gibsonton, Florida.

A viewing will be held on Monday, January 15 from  6-midnight and the funeral will be held on Tuesday, January 16 at noon.  Services will be held at Hillsboro Memorial Gardens located at 2323 W Brandon Blvd Brandon, FL.

  Posted by Matt Cook on 1/14/2018
H2B Visa - Fraud Alert
It has come to our attention that Neil Munro of Breitbart is calling around asking to speak to H-2B employers. His is apparently identifying himself as merely a "Washington DC reporter" instead of referring to the organization he works for, Breitbart. 

Munro is well-known for articles hostile to H-2B. I and several other H-2B program participants (two or three agents and two very credible employers) met him for lunch several months ago. After the meeting he understood that many of his prior H-2B statements were 100% inaccurate. We hoped his future reporting on H-2B would reflect the things he learned from our meeting but instead he has doubled down on his previous lies.

Neil Munro cannot be trusted. It is our advice that you do not speak with him. He is looking to reaffirm his preconceived narrative and will twist your words to fit that narrative. If you choose to speak with him, be on guard. You have nothing to hide but reporters are excellent at getting out of their interviewee what they want to hear.
  Posted by Seasonal Employment Alliance on 12/19/2017
In our efforts to chronicle the history of our industry, we could think of no better way to further this endeavor than to interview industry pioneers and preserve their videos for posterity.

Campy's Amusements is Now Hiring for 2017 - Ring of Fire Foreman, Electrician, Ride Supers

FOOD & GAME HELP WANTED FOR  TOP NOTCH midwest spring route followed by a GREAT summer route in Wisconsin.   Call Louie Rucobo at 920-251-3001.  Living quarters available and TOP EMPLOYEES GET TOP PAY!

Call Chestnut Identity Apparel for all your amusement industry LED lighting and apparel needs.  Visit for more info.

Smokeys Greater Shows is now booking non conflicting rides, games, and food for the upcoming 2017 season.  We are also hiring ride help, electricians, welders, and more.  CDL drivers are a plus! represents KMG rides such as the Freak Out and Inversion as well as Lamberink Dutch Giant Wheels in the USA.  Check us out at or call Peter Theunisz (cell) +31-655-795-792.

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